Insurance Claim

Sargon Construction Corp. has great experience working with insurance claims and we will take the lead in working with your insurance company to make sure you receive the full compensation to which you are entitled when your roof is damaged. This includes complete documentation of the storm damage for claims purposes. We know how stressful dealing with insurance claims can be and we will help you make this process as stress-free as possible.


Getting Started / Advocacy

How do you know you have an insurance claim that will cover damage to your property? Our representatives will inform you what, if any, damage you may have. Sargon Construction Corp. values its ethical reputation in the insurance and storm restoration community. If you do not have damage we believe is insurable, we let you know up front. Many companies may convince you a claim exists where there is not one, wasting your valuable time.


Insurance Claim Process

Filing an insurance claim is a simple process. The following steps are recommended to ensure a successful claim:

1. Call your insurance company- this information is found in your policy packet

  • The policy HOLDER and policy NUMBER will need to be present when filing a claim.
  • Inform the insurance representative you want to make a claim for a WEATHER DAMAGED ROOF.
  • Inform the insurance representative that you are working with Sargon Construction Corp. and they will be the contractor on record for purposes of the claim.

2. Adjustment meeting

Your insurance company sends a representative on THEIR behalf, usually within 48 hours after you make the claim.
Let your SARGON representative know when this meeting is scheduled, this allows SARGON to advocate on YOUR behalf.
This meeting determines how much your insurance company will approve for your roofing claim and any interior damage you may have.

3. After the adjustment meeting

  • Once your insurance adjuster has determined your claim, the insurance company will send
  • TWO CHECKS. The FIRST is for the replacement value of the claim. The SECOND CHECK will be for the depreciation.

4. Your mortgage company may be involved in your approved claim process

  • This ensures that no fraud is occurring. For additional questions, ask your SARGON
  • After the adjustment meeting SARGON HELPS YOU PICK Style and color damaged roof or siding and than we schedules the project.

5. Upon completion

  • Your SARGON representative meets with you to ensure satisfaction.
  • SARGON submits the final invoice to your insurance company.

*If your claim is not approved, SARGON will work with you on other options. You are NOT under obligation to move forward with a claim if you feel you cannot afford the difference in claim amount and cost of the roofing project.


Insurance FAQs

Will my insurance rate increase if I file a claim?
While we don’t speak for your insurance company, we know that policies vary greatly depending on many factors. We recommend you contact your insurance company for information on your specific policy but we are happy to help in any way we can.

I’ve worked with SARGON in the past, but my insurance company wants me to use their preferred contractor. What can I do?
You have the right to pick your own contractor to restore your property. While you may get an estimate from another contractor or your insurance preferred contractor, you are under no obligation to use that contractor until you sign a contract.

Can I profit from my insurance claim? Can I keep money from my insurance claim and not complete the repairs as stated in my contract?
It is illegal to sign an approved contract with your insurance company and a restoration company, and then keep the money without making agreed upon repairs; it is considered insurance fraud and illegal. We have many years of insurance claims experience and work to ensure your needs are met.

My insurance company denied my claim or it isn’t enough to cover all my repairs, does that mean I have to pay out of pocket?
Often times when a claim gets denied, or undervalued, it may be due to a misinformed insurance adjustor or other misleading factors. If we believe you have coverable damage, our experienced team at SARGON will negotiate your claim with your adjustor and insurance company to the fullest extent.

Will I get all my money up front? 
No, your insurance company will disperse two checks, one to get your work started, one to finish. Often these checks are referred to as your Actual Cash Value Payment and your Recoverable Cash Payment.

The check I received from my insurance company for the repairs is made out to my mortgage company. Why? 
If you have a note against your house, your mortgage company is an invested party to the damaged property. The mortgage company is listed to ensure the work is completed and their investment is brought back to pre-storm conditions, protecting both you and the mortgage company.


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